Automobile Industry

Growing Automobile Industry What Are the Future Possibilities

The present economy is significantly changing, set off by development in emerging market, accelerated rise of new technologies and changing buyers inclination around ownership. Digitisation, increasing automation and new business models have revolutionised other industries and the auto industry is no exception. The auto industry in Australia is always in a flux as new models and designs alter the shape and performance of automobiles. This is giving rise to a technology-driven trend in the automotive sector.

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Here are the trends for the upcoming years.

Crossover Vehicles

Crossover vehicles have become a big hit as the millennials expect the comfort of an SUV with fuel and operational cost-effectiveness. A blend between regular sedans and SUVs, the crossover or hybrid vehicles have emerged as one of the most practical ways to commute without compromising on comfort and style. We expect to see big investments and experimentation along with the discovery of newer market for the sturdy and fun crossover vehicles.

Car Sharing

The car sharing is the innovation that has had the biggest practical impact on the way people commute. Why this is an emerging trend can be explained by the fact that people’s emotional attachment to cars has decreased significantly. The other reasons are growing awareness to go green and reduce the carbon footprints. Marketers predict that concept of car sharing will undergo big time customisation where passengers can use auxiliary cable for music and get snacks and drinks on the go to enhance the passenger’s core riding experience.

Electric Vehicles

It is not surprising that there is an increase in a number of electric vehicles on the streets and few years down the lane more manufacturers will be moving electric vehicles down the roads. With the dwindling non-renewable energy crisis the world is facing, manufacturers are reaping the advantages of possessing leadership in electric vehicles industry.

Cloud Powered Automotive Industry

One major trend the auto industry is likely to see is the use of cloud technology. This trend is expected to transform every aspect of automobile production, from design and operation to the servicing of physical systems. It also enables scaling of different processes and services which greatly reduces costs and eliminates any scope for wastage.


The automotive industry has been encountering a lot of challenges over the last few years and one amongst them is the increasing number of fake part sellers. The blockchain is the potential solution being explored to examine it. Eradicating the fake parts from the market can enhance transparency and result in very efficient pricing strategies. The blockchain technology can help create an accurate, trusted protocol for the increasing supply chain.

The automotive industry in Australia and worldwide is growing by leaps and bounds and with the trends mentioned above emerging at a fast pace, we are likely to see a lot more interesting things in the near future.

Roadworthy Condition

Tips to Keep your Vehicle in Roadworthy Condition

Regular preventative maintenance is probably the best thing you can do to keep your vehicle in good condition as well as save a lot of money on major repairs. However, not all agree on what preventative maintenance is and what you should do and when. So, let’s give you a clear view and tips.

Anyone who has spent a lot of money on repairs will tell you why preventative maintenance is essential. The basics like changing car oil, checking tyre pressure and getting scheduled inspection will keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition. It is just like visiting a doctor for a regular check-up to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem and with car care that can save you a huge amount of money.

Here are few tips.

Pay Attention to the Owner’s Manual

Regardless of the vehicle, you drive, the regular maintenance schedule is in the owner’s manual. This will help you notice when to change the oil, clean or change filters and other changes to be done. You will also find whether you are putting the right gas or using the right oil.

Replace the Air Filters

This depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation in the owner’s manual. However, if you frequently drive on dirty roads which will clog up the air filter quickly. So, consider a replacement earlier than scheduled and getting the clogged air filters replaced can improve your car’s fuel economy and acceleration.

Refill the Antifreeze

Antifreeze is there to keep your engine temperature stable in all climates and driving conditions. Ensure that you have the right level of antifreeze in your vehicle at all times because fooling around with the cooling system of your car is an unnecessary risk.

So, these are few of the tips you need to follow to keep your vehicle roadworthy at all times.